I don’t know if it’s because I’m regressing back to my Goth past or because the cold weather reminds me that winter was once blamed on magic women, but I’ve been into looking a little bit witchy lately. Not full on Hot Topic, mind you, but lots of black vintage dresses and black patterned tights. My boyfriend says I look like “a sexy Puritan witch,” so I feel I must be doing something right.

To go with these outfits, I’ve been wearing lots of necklaces. Silver chains with green or black stones, geodes, etc. Plus: crystals. Crystals are awesome. Really, I wanted my Pick Of The Week to be “anything with pretty rocks in it,” but that’s not how this column works, so I’m making it this rad crystal necklace by New York designer Georgia Varidakis. It’s small and subtle enough that it won’t take over your look if you’re not trying to be a sexy Puritan witch (each crystal is about a half an inch long), but it’s still a neat attention grabber. Plus, it’s nice to support small designers. This necklace can be purchased for $48 on Varidakis’ website, or if you’re in New York you can check out her wares at the Artists and Fleas market. Happy crop blighting!