I hate shopping for shoes so much that I probably have fewer pairs of them than any girl I know, and most boys, too. This is because I have terrible, horrible bunion bones that make wearing high heels feel like walking on daggers. (And if you tell me I just haven’t found the right ones yet, I will kick you with my gnarly secret deformities.) I also don’t buy leather. This all adds up to some difficulty finding shoes I can wear with my cute dresses that do not make me look like I just had foot surgery. I do the Converse thing sometimes, but that doesn’t work on the rare occasion that I want to look like a grown ass woman.

These oxfords are the first shoes I’ve purchased in God knows how long. If you, like me, would rather masturbate with a saguaro cactus than spend a night in heels and/or just want to change it up a bit, these might be the shoes for you. I think they look nice with my floral print, lace, and babydoll dresses, but if you’re not as in love with the nineties as I am, they go with more straitlaced outfits too. I mean, they’re called “Oxfords” for fucksake.

They also remind me of something Alexa Chung might wear with one of her boyish little ensembles that she can pull off because she is built like a supermodel:

They’re $48 on the site I linked, but I bet you can find them for even cheaper if you shop around a bit. Your feet will thank you.