I’m of the firm belief that men should always wear button-down shirts and sweaters. Is it hot out? Fine, ditch the sweater and opt for a short sleeved button-down. You’ll still look sharp. If only everyone would listen to me, the world would be 100% more handsome. (Spreading handsomeness is pretty high on my list of priorities.)

Unfortunately, I can’t actually tell the dudes in my life what to wear, but I can dictate what the electronics in my life wear, as they are inanimate. Which is where these nifty laptop covers come in. Made from vintage recycled fabrics, these “outfits” are a stylish way to make your laptop or iPad look as handsome as possible, whether your computer is a prep, a mod, or (god forbid) an emo kid. This look cuts across all subcultures! The Etsy seller who makes them has a bunch of different ones to choose from, too, so your laptop doesn’t have to wear the same thing every day.

And yes, I realize I usually do Pick Of The Week on Fridays, but my real Pick Of The Week this week is “getting the hell out of dodge,” so the Christmas of recommendations that is POTW must come early. Yay.