As August breathes its last hot breaths on us, I find myself increasingly wanting to dress like some sort of bohemian Earth mother. Blame it on my hippie mom, my BBQ belly, or the fact that I’ve eaten a ton of many magic mushrooms this summer. To that end, I’ve been wearing a lot of flower crowns…both the kind you make with flowers picked in the park, and the kind you can make with fake flowers, elastic, and a glue gun if you’re crafty (or buy on Etsy if you’re not). These accessories add just enough whimsy to your outfit to make it fun, but not so much that you look like you’re wearing a costume. And you can choose flowers in shades that complement your coloring. (I mean, duh. Colors!)

I got my flower headbands at the Italian version of Claire’s, and you can get cheap ones at the regular version of Claire’s, too. Or, if you’d something more, uh, “artisanal,” there are a bunch of them for sale on Etsy. Like this one. And this one. And this one. Don’t let it deter you that most of the flower headbands for sale in this world are meant for baby girls whose hair has not yet grown in. There are plenty that fit adult-sized heads.

Are flower crowns particularly trendy or new? Not really. But they do seem to be experiencing a resurgence as of late, so make of that what you will. You can wear these things to the park, a party, an ancient fertility rite, or whatever activity you think will be enhanced by having flowers in your hair. Which is most of them, in my opinion. Try as she might, Lana Del Rey can never ruin these for me.


Photo: Etsy