How do I love thee, o cat’s-eye-on-the-butt shorts? Let me count the ways.

One, you’re awesome. Two, you’re awesome. Three, you’re fucking awesome!

No, seriously. How cool would it be to get finished really telling it to someone, and then, as you turn to walk away, hitting them with this? It’s like, bam, I’m still watching you, Mr. Man. I’ve got eyes on the back of my butt. And not just any eyes. Hand painted cat eyes.

Beyond the obvious feline draw of these shorts, Etsy seller MadMixFashion assures us that “they are thick black denim and they are comfortable. You can wear them cuffed or uncuffed.” Plus, they’re Lee Originals. How many of you wore those growing up? I hope you saved them to sell to tiny people, because they’re baaaack.