In my gallery of resort 2012 fashion tips earlier this week, I noted that it’s a good idea to wear a bathing suit depicting something everyone likes. That way, when you try to make friends with people, you will probably already have one interest in common with them, from which you can branch out to other topics. Of particular note to my carb-loving brain is the French fry bathing suit I encountered, because if I hadn’t already been friends with the person wearing it, I certainly would have gone up and talked to her. What are the chances of someone in a French fry bathing suit being anything but super delightful and awesome? No chances.

This particular suit is made by Jeremy Scott for Adidas, and while it’s currently sold out at Opening Ceremony, it’s available on Ebay and something called Ecrater. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could also make your own. For max effectiveness, accessorize with an actual plate of French fries, then let the good times roll.