If SuperMoon’s approach has put astronomy on your brain, why not put it on your legs, too? And then you can walk around like “Hell YEAH I love astronomy, what’s it to YOU?” And no one will shove you into a locker this time, because high school is over and nerds run the world. (But if anyone tries, you can dazzle them with a kick of your nebula-covered leg and get away.)

These galaxy print leggings from Black Milk Clothing cost several times what one generally pays for leggings, but they’re also several million times more awesome than regular leggings, so maybe it’s justified? SuperMoon will shine extra brightly on anyone wearing these babies, and they seem pretty suitable to wear when it’s not SuperMoon, too. Just remember to pair them with a skirt, dress, or pair of shorts, because no matter how magnificent your leggings are, they are still not pants.

(Via $75)