Tonight is the first night of Passover, you guys! (Or “Pesach,” as my ancestors in the old country would say.) And what better way to celebrate the Jewish people’s triumph over the Devil’s army of flaming elephants than by donning some appropriately matzah-themed apparel? contains many t-shirts with LOLZ-worthy slogans like “the matzah ball’s in your court” and “Matzo matzo man,” while Think Yiddish has the above matzah-print baseball cap, plus jar openers, bibs, and even a toilet seat cover:

“Let my people go” indeed! Get it????

There is also a cape for a dog:

And in case you’d like to smell like unleavened bread products in addition to looking like them, here is some MATZOAP that claims to look and smell “just like the real thing.”

Happy Passover!