It’s no secret among people who’ve seen me wearing clothes that I’m a big fan of Peter Pan collars. They add just the right amount of retro cuteness to any outfit, while also reminding people of the bad ass bitch that was Live Through This-era Courtney Love. But sometimes your favorite clothes get dirty and you have to wear a boring collarless dress or top instead. Which is where these awesome necklaces come in.

I’m not sure whose genius idea this was, but I love it. These things turn plain old tops into cool Peter Pan collared tops, which can only be an improvement. You can get one from a designer brand for like, a dillion dollars, but thankfully there are lots of cheaper ones available on sites like Etsy: this $68 one and this $38 one, for example. H&M’s costs $19.95 and is covered in sequins! Or if you’re feeling crafty, Refinery 29 has a tutorial on how you can make your own, along with several other cool collars. It looks easy enough that I might actually make one, which is saying something, considering how lazy I am. Here’s another cute one made of lace. And here’s one with an opal. Okay, I think you get the idea. Have a collar-ful weekend!