I disagreed with Jennifer quite a bit today, but one thing that continues to unite us is our mutual love of scaly prehistoric creatures, because FUCK YEAH DINOSAURS. Hence, I bring Jen (and everyone else) this humble peace offering of the best fucking necklace I’ve ever seen in my life.

As you can see, this necklace is a triceratops eating pizza, hence the name “pizzasaurus.” He (or she? Mine will be a girl!) comes on a long, blingy, goldie lookin’ chain, and has a look on her face as if to say, “just because my species is extinct doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the finer things in life.” And by “finer things,” I of course mean a fresh, hot, delicious slice of ‘za. OM NOM NOM.

This wondrous object d’art was created by Brooklyn designer Shanna Nash, whose work can be perused and purchased here. In addition to the pizzasaurus (which comes in a few different metals), she’s got wolf earrings, claw rings, and tooth necklaces for all of your whimsical jewelry needs. These are the kinds of pieces that will let your inner goth kid out, albeit tastefully and with a sense of humor. Which is extraordinarily helpful, as I don’t know if mine is ever going to shut up.