Hey you! Yeah, you with the cup of shitty bodega coffee and/or $5 Starbucks coffee in your hand. You should get a thermos. It will make your life so much better.

Hear me out. I don’t work from an office these days, but when I did, I spent way too much money on coffee (and, on my better rested days, tea) that was simply not very tasty. A big, hot thermos of good coffee brought from home would have made my days at least 10% better. Maybe 20%.

My friend Deb recommends this Stanley thermos for all of your thermos needs, because it’s leak proof, well designed, and keeps her miso soup warm until it’s time to eat it. Not hot, mind you, but warm, and that’s good enough for her. “Owning it has inspired me to make more soup from scratch at home,” she notes, “saving me money I would have spent on lunch at work.” You like money, don’t you?

“Also, when I carry it in my tote bag on the subway, boys with beards and paperbacks smile at me,” she adds, which is a plus for some people. So there you have it. A nice, big, beardo-attracting, money-saving thermos. You should probably get one.