Oh, Urban Outfitters. You make such charmingly absurd things, but then you turn around and write copy like this:

Have your cupcake… and look like one, too!
* Cupcake Booty Buddy blanket that doubles as a cozy, oversized poncho

…and it makes me not want to be your friend anymore. Implications of booty- shaming aside (I wish cupcakes went to my ass, ain’t nothin’ wrong with a nice, big ass), I really enjoy the concept for this poncho. What with everyone going all crazy for cupcakes, cupcake themed accessories, and cupcake flavored vodka these days, it stands to reason the next step would be dressing up like an actual cupcake.

It might also be useful for a low budget film in which a character is trapped on a desert island, or maybe just on a diet, and hallucinates that her friend is suddenly a big, juicy, cupcake, just dripping with buttercream frosting and the proper balance of toppings to cake, practically begging “WHY DON’T YOU JUST GO AHEAD AND EAT ME”…oh God, the possibilities.

In other news, I’m now going to go get a cupcake from the vegan bakery that lives obnoxiously close to my house. Thanks a lot, Urban Outfitters.

(Via Laughing Squid)