In my own search to find a red dress for myself this Holidays because our relatives want another Family picture, I took a chance in visiting Forever21 and I think I found a possible red dress. I have other red dresses in mind but the ones from Forever21 are really beautiful. Just in case you are looking for one too, here they are.


Rose-Shoulder Sheen Dress — Gorgeous rossette shouder trim, no? The back has a triple strap which holds the front. The skirt has pleats to flatter the shape. $32.80.


Robust Rose Front Dress — the rose front is way out there which is definitely an added appeal of this strapless constructed dress. It’s has that couture quality, know what I mean? $29.80.


Couture Bow Sheen Dress — Would you like to be unwrapped this year? That’s what I thought about when I saw this dress. That’s a large bow for an accent, no? $29.80.

(Images : Forever21)