You know what I haven’t seen in a while? A fashion model doing weird stuff with food. Slathering it on his or her body, posing next to it, or basically doing anything but eating it. That would be cool and groundbreaking, no?

Pilot Magazine has come to the rescue with an editorial featuring the mayo-slathered spawn of Ronald McDonald and some sort of two-headed, chainsmoking demon, shot by Guy Coombes. (I don’t even want to think about what that sexual coupling might have looked like.) As with many things in fashion, this image brings up many different connotations for me. On the one hand, I think this widespread fascination with showing food in freaky ways speaks to a larger eating disorder that the fashion industry needs to deal with, already. (I wish someone would show them that Simpsons clip where Homer says “food goes in here.”) On the other: dude, demons are awesome.

I especially admire the creative way they highlighted the visual similarities between McDonalds’ frighteningly immortal fries and a pack of cigarettes. Both are tasty for those who like them, gross to hippies like me who don’t, and simultaneously appealing and unattainable for those with a disordered relationship to food. I guess if fashion is unable to get over its sick fascination with junk food, they might as well at least make the resulting photos interesting.