Cherries are so last season, and don’t even think about strawberries. Don’t confuse our orange shopping guide with the fruit, because that’s strictly about color. And you can forget about getting a crop top, or trying a figure out how to wear overalls, because pineapple printed clothing is where it’s at. Okay, so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, and you don’t need to only wear pineapple prints, but they are really cute and a fun way to update your wardrobe. You can even get a crop top with a pineapple on it. What could be more summery than a pineapple after all? Or better yet a Piña Colada? Yum.

Here are 15 sweet pineapple printed pieces (try saying that fast five times) that are perfect to get you into the summer mood:

1. ASOS Pineapple Print Skater Skirt, $30.49

ASOS Pineapple Skater Skirt

Pineapples show their versatility with this girly pink skater skirt. Pairing it with a matching pink scrunchie is completely optional.

2. Zara Pineapple Print T-Shirt, $39.90

Zara Pinaple Print T-Shirt

A cubist take on the pineapple. I take that as a good thing.

3. Topshop Pineapple Print Bikini, $68

Topshop Pineapple Bikini

It’s mandatory that you must always have a Piña Colada in your hand, when wearing this swimsuit–except when swimming.

4. Billabong Pineapple Sweatshirt, $49.50

Billabong Pineapple Sweatshirt

Get out of your gray sweatshirt style rut, by getting one with a pineapple on it. See, you can change.

5. American Apparel Pineapple Necklace, $20

American Apparel Pineapple Necklace

I’m not sure if there are any symbolic meanings for pineapple jewelry, but I’m sure they’re all positive since this 18K plated gold pineapple necklace looks so charming.

6. ZeeGeeWhy She Thing Babydoll Dress, $79.00

Urban Outfitters Pienaple Dress

Why not add bananas and even a few olives to a pineapple print? And why not add a boomerang just because. It’s doesn’t make much sense, but it looks cute.

7. Dorothy Perkins Hawaiian Print Tank, $25

Dorothy Perkins Hawaiian Print Tank

I don’t think there is anything more summery than pineapples and flowers. Combine them together and you’ll probably be instantly teleported to  the nearest beach. One can always hope.

8. Romwe Pineapple Print Pants, $29.99

Romwe Pineapple Print Trousers

Don’t be alarmed, those giant spiders will not destroy all the pineapples, it’s just a painterly print. Phew.

9. Tom’s Pineapple Print Shoes, $54

Tom's Pineapple Print Shoes

I don’t know if pineapples are technically classified as orange (I think they’re more gold) but I like this orange and blue combination, especially because it’s on a shoe.

10.  Nasty Gal Pineapple Bag, $35

Nasty Gal Pineapple Bag

This looks like a Hello Kitty cartoon pineapple in bag form. I like.

11. Forever 21 Pineapple Body-Con Dress, $15.80

Forever 21 Pineapple Bodycon Dress

This dress is too sweet to use a swimsuit coverup, but it’s so tempting not to wear it to the beach. And to go shopping. And out for drinks.

12. Anthropologie Still Life Pineapple T-Shirt, $68

Anthropologie Still Life Pineapple T-Shirt

Perhaps because I am not a musician, I don’t get the correlation between pineapples and guitars, but I still like the print on this tee.

13.  Guess Pineapple Print Body-Con Dress, $69

Guess Pineapple Print Dress

I didn’t think pineapples could ever be sexy, but this dress may have changed my mind.

14. Mango Pineapple Print Top, $24.99

Mango Pineapple Print Top

Pineapples on a white tank top? Add some denim shorts and gladiator sandals and this is what you’ll be wearing until August–though it’s a good idea to remember to wash it from time to time.

15. J.Crew Factory Pineapple Print Dress, $74.50

J.Crew Factory Pineapple Print Dress

Those aren’t polka dots, those are teeny tiny pineapples, which are waaaaay more fun.