The New York Times‘ new video of the Pink Helmet Posse, a trio of tiny skateboarders in pink helmets and tutus, is genuinely the cutest thing I’ve seen since a coworker sent me a video of a kitten falling asleep. These kids are awesome. Six-year-old Bella, Relz, and Sierra are from Encinitas, California, and they are the most badass 6-year-olds I’ve ever seen.

All three of them say their favorite things are skateboarding and surfing. A few years ago an onlooker dubbed them the “pink helmet posse,” because they like to skate in hot pink helmets and sometimes matching tutus. Tutus make everything better, from superheroes to  running marathons.

“I want to be a professional skateboarder one day,” says six-year-old Sierra from  a bubblegum pink room decorated in Disney princesses and skateboards. “I want to go to the X Games!”

According to the New York Times, 33 of the 192 competitors at the 2013 X games were women.

“I want there to be the same amount of girls to be skating as the same amount of boys,” said Bella in the video.

Sometimes they get comments from other kids at the skate park. Bella’s parents commented that once a little boy went up to her and said, “Can you even skate?” Bella was upset, but her parents said she should just prove she could do it, and she did.

Of course, sometimes they fall down, but every skateboarder falls down sometimes.

“Sometimes I cry and sometimes I don’t cry,” said Bella, showing off some of the cool bruises on her knees.

Their parents set up the Pink Helmet Posse Instagram feed and website to help encourage other kids to try skateboarding. The pink helmet is not necessary, but Sierra, Bella, and Relz like them.


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(Photo: Instagram/Pink Helmet Posse, Video: YouTube/The New York Times)