The phrase “Pippa Middleton ass” turns up some 1,320,000 results in Google. There is even a website called (you don’t need to visit) that catalogues Pippa’s backside-related goings on. It comes as no surprise then, that someone is trying to turn Pippa Middleton’s butt into a marketing hook.


Enter the Invisible Shaping Bum Booster. They’re about $30 a pair and feature “cheek-enhancing structures” built into the back to add flattering curvature. [tagbox tag=”Pippa Middleton”]

“Widely publicised photographs of Pippa’s shapely behind have made “bum envy” a part of everyday conversation for women all over the UK,” said a spokesperson for the brand, shrewdly aligning their product with robust search terms, “She has set the standard for how a perfect rear should appear.”

So it sounds like the shapers are for small, flat butts? Any small or flat butt-havers out there and, if yes, would you ever try these? We suppose they may make sense if you want to fill out a certain dress or look some specific way at a fancy event–in which case they’re no different from regular shapewear–but the idea of butt padding just seems so… silly.

Then again, we’ve seen weirder: whether it’s underwear with peen inserts to augment your package, underwear that stores your firearms and, just yesterday, underwear that claims to make you thin. So, actually, butt padding seems positively dull at this point.