A sweater dress is notoriously hard to pull off. Bulge in the wrong place and you look like a beat-up quilted doll, place a belt too high or too low and you ruin the way the dress lies, go too short and it looks like you just forgot pants.

So we commend Pippa Middleton for trying this look at all, and we doubly commend her for pretty much pulling it off. The length is right, the belt is right, the shoes and bag are right.

What’s not so right, I’m afraid, are the sunglasses. I just don’t love them. This look would have been so fabulously topped off by a pair of gold-rimmed aviators that it just seems a shame to have missed the opportunity. Her red frames look like they were grabbed off the five-dollar rack during a final sale at a cheap store on Melrose Ave., rather than like a thoughtfully edited accessory befitting the most eligible bachelorette in England.

In other words, Pippa, pull it together.

How do you feel?

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