I woke up this morning to some crazy bedhead. Although my hair is cut super short pixie style thanks to my affinity for Jean Seberg, it was an effort to get it back down to a reasonable look which might be suitable for a public appearance. Unfortunately, no amount of wax would do, so I reached for this headband.

This is not my headband, because I usually don’t wear headbands unless it’s something extra fancy that protrudes off of my head and I’m going to an event that would call for such a look. I may like to believe that every day will result in an evening that will demand such spectacular headbands, but it’s usually more likely than not going to happen. I hope to remedy this problem soon.

Whether it be a thin simple band or a thick one like this, I just can’t seem to swing them on a daily, casual basis. However, this morning’s epic hair situation required something.



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