All those badass Rosie the Riveters who took over traditionally male jobs during WWII were hiding a secret under their clothes: They were wearing plastic bras!


Yup, apparently the “Saf-T-Bra” (as it was dubbed) was a garment for women working in factories during the 1940s. There’s not much historical information on the Saf-T-Bra, at least not according to blogger Mark Maynard‘s research, so there’s no way to know how many women actually wore this kind of armored lingerie. says that the Saf-T-Bra was manufactured by Wilson Goggles, a company that made—you guessed it!—goggles (Hence the googly-eyed lady next to the plastic bra model in the above photo).

It’s not super farfetched to see how a goggle company could expand into making bras…nipple protection is the logical step after eye protection, right? I guess the Saf-T-Bra could be considered a predecessor to those super-pointy, torpedo-boob bras of the 1950s, though. Women were trying to guard the goods in those days.

I have to say that wearing a plastic bra sounds super uncomfortable, even if it does protect your “girls” from factory machinery. I feel like a couple layers of really thick canvas would have done the job just fine, but I say that from my privileged, work-at-home millennial perch here at the beginning of the 21st century, so what do I know?

(h/t Huffington Post)