Of all the self-referential ways the fashion world comments on itself, plastic surgery-themed editorials are one of the best. That’s because most efforts at self-referentiality come off self-indulgent and un-self-critical, while it’s pretty much impossible for a decent plastic surgery themed editorial to do that. The imagery of plastic surgery is so grotesque that it makes you think “hey, that’s awful!” even if you still want to look like the model therein. These photos “expose” the price of beauty, if you can call it that.

It also just appeals to my gothic sensibilities, because once you’ve grown up listening to Marilyn Manson you will never not enjoy a photo that combines the glamorous with the macabre. Additionally, it echoes a Suicidegirls photoset published during that site’s heyday, which was humorous and compelling enough to still be stuck in my mind seven years later.

(Via FashionCopious)

Photos: Baard Lunde for Noise Magazine