One would do, but a couple would be great :) . Owning a Little Black Dress is a staple rule in every fashionistas world. After Coco Chanel created one in 1926, VOUGE predicted it would be the “uniform” for all women of taste. In 1961, Audrey Hepburn stamped her trademark on the concept when she wore an LBD on the opening scene of one of my favorite classic movies; Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Fast forward to 2007, it has become a classic piece of dress that every women cling to when in need of a dress for any occasion. Granted we are sometimes tantalized by the beauty of prints and colors which is never a bad thing, but nothing beats the stylish aura that the little black dress invokes from any woman that walks into a room looking all chic and sophisticated.

I have a few. I even found one for $5. Yup, I got lucky. An LBD doesn’t have to cost too much. I do suggest you splurge on a really classic one though if you could. But don’t shy away from the affordable options coz there are many out there that won’t hurt your budget at all. Here is one I found at Target for only $29.99 by Isaac Mizrahi.

lbd_target_classic1.jpg lbd_target_classic2.jpg

It’s twill with spaghetti straps, V-neck and tulle netting underskirt for added volume. You know what else I love about this dress besides the price? It’s the detail on the back skirt. It’s pleated. A classic Little Black Dress with a touch of playfulness for $29.99.

So if you don’t own one yet, now is the good time to get one. If you have it already in your closet, care to share any stories about it? :)

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