fashion to figure

In the olden days of yore, plus size shoppers had few options available to them. You had your Lane Bryant, maybe one other specialty store, a section at Macy’s that they hid behind some kind of strategically placed kiosk, and depressing bargain bins full of leopard print and giant smocks. Nowadays, thanks to the activism of brilliant women, the power of the internet, and a shift in the cultural acceptance of fat bodies, we’re seeing news stories about better places to buy plus size clothes every day of the week. Today’s comes from the Huffington Post, where they’re reporting on a new lookbook over at Fashion to Figure that features plus size bloggers combining style and comfort.

If you haven’t heard of Fashion to Figure, it’s worth checking out. They sell plus size clothes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. More importantly, though, they make it clear that pleasing actual plus size shoppers is their first priority. They use models who fit (and look good in) their clothes– models who would conceivably shop there. It makes a lot of sense that they’ve decided to team up with women who make traditionally stigmatized clothes look awesome.

Fashion to Figure’s new blog is striving to find solutions for issues that plus size shoppers face. They have features on dressing for your specific shape (which is refreshing, of course, because magazine articles always group “curvy” women into one body type), they have articles about how to accessorize or how to pull off horizontal stripes, and they provide advice for shoppers who care about what they’re buying. Our society still has a long way to go before we reach real fat acceptance, but this site is doing everything it can to fight the good fight. Hell yeah.

Via Huff Post / Photo: Fashion to Figure