Source: WWD’s Twitter Feed

Hot on the news today that Gisele Bündchen will be the face of Balenciaga’s Spring 2011 campaign, I await the inevitable ink spill regarding the resurgence of so-called “curvy,” “voluptuous,” or even “healthy” bodies on runways and in blue chip fashion campaigns.

The alleged return of womanly bodies in fashion has been a pervasive theme in the industry for a couple years now, after a spate of really, really bad press related but not limited to: the anorexia-related deaths of several models, major girls admitting to dysfunctional dieting habits and research indicating that the deluge of thin model imagery (surprise!) deleteriously influences body image in young women. The industry responded with high-profile eating disorder summits and Lara Stone.

So, maybe Gisele for Balenciaga is a genuine resurgence in appreciation of a non-bony female form, taking us back to the pre-Kate Moss time of the supermodels… or maybe it’s all just a few of-the-moment girls (who happen to have breasts) landing fashion campaigns while boasting the same measurements as their couture counterparts? Is this not a sudden acceptance of “bigger” models, but rather a trendlet of crossover success for straight-size models with breasts? …Straight size models whose personal lives are, conveniently, already a huge draw for the press?

Gisele’s obviously just the latest, there’s been noticeable crossover for a while now: Adriana Lima fronting Givenchy, Miranda Kerr for Jil Sander, Alessandra Ambrosio for Moschino. On the flip side, couture muses Anja Rubik, Abbey Lee and Stam (to name a few) frequently walk for VS.

Then again, maybe we should be relieved to see some more girls with character and personality looking back at us from the Prada ads, not just 16-year-old Estonians indistinguishable from each other. So I’m asking you: is this “trend” a good thing or a non thing?

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