For those of you who missed it, Lady Gaga stuck to her claim that she would only be wearing Versace “for like the next two months. I’m having a love affair with Donatella,” when she and Mayor Mike Bloomberg pushed the button to drop the Times Square ball last night.

While Bloomberg wore an eye-assaulting number that one would think you’d find only at a July 4th barbecue in Mississippi or on a hipster at Legion in Williamsburg, Lady Gaga, luckily, saved the day in her gorgeous gown that seemed to be part Madonna, part Marilyn Monroe. [tagbox tag=”Lady Gaga”]

The Versace dress was a pale silver dripping in stones across her shoulders and collar bone, and extended to the fitted bust where the stones continued to swirl, before dropping off into a fairly modest, but elegant full-length skirt. And of course, the Lady would not be the Lady she is without some sort of signature head piece, which, although very apropos, looked heavy as hell and difficult to see out of.

When Gaga was asked about her New Year’s Eve shortly after the ball was dropped, Mother Monster was speaking rather breathlessly. It was hard to tell if the dress had her summoning the unique way in which Monroe spoke, or if she was just simply out of breath after her performance, then having to bolt up to the ball-dropping stage. Either way, the Lady looked stunning. What do you think?

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