An article on YourTango posed the question of who the author was dressing for: girls or guys.  She concluded that she was dressing for her girlfriends, not her husband, and therefore was “girl-hot,” instead of “guy-hot.”  The author says that you can think of Jessica Simpson as “guy-hot,” given her bodacious body and overt sexuality that attracts men, and Kirsten Dunst as “girl-hot,” given her classic good looks and warm smile, that make her seem to be a good friend.  Another definition of “girl-hot” I would add would be wearing all your nicest, designer clothes when you know you’re going to be seeing girls, since guys never notice labels.

I tend to think I simply dress for the occasion: I’ll wear something different if I’m going to a bar, rather than if I’m going to a family party.  I’m usually mostly concerned with the appropriateness of the outfit, and I wonder, Am I dressed up enough?  Am I dressed conservatively enough for a religious occasion I’m not familiar with?  Am I weather appropriate?  In a perfect world, I’d wear whatever I want, but I never want to offend or look inappropriate by doing so.

What do you all think?

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