Over at the Daily Mail, a 43-year-old mother writes about the discoveries she’s made about herself, her child and the generational divide since succumbing to the desire to borrow her 14-year-old daughter’s clothes:

My name is Julia Lawrence, I am 43 years old, and I have an awful confession to make. I am a secret teen dresser. By that, I mean I creep into my 14-year-old daughter’s bedroom, steal her clothes and wear them, sometimes in broad daylight.

As is often the case with this kind of dirty habit, I was introduced to it while at a bit of a low ebb: I had a heavy cold, I saw a hoodie lying on Lois’s floor, I slipped it on . . . and it just felt so comforting.

Before long, I was eyeing up her track-suit bottoms too; they’re so much easier to slip on than wrestling a pair of freshly-washed jeans over your matronly hips, and just the thing for nipping to the allotment or washing the car.

Let’s just get this out of the way: she’s clearly very British. I don’t know what an allotment is either, and I’m not going to Wikipedia it just so that I can pretend that I do. I’m sure it’s some kind of store or bank or something, that one nips to throughout the day.

Anyway, that said, the article is amusing and judging by the pictures, Lawrence pulls off the young-adult-friendly ensembles with panache. In fact, in some pics she looks better than her kid.

As for me, it’s pretty rare that I swap clothes with my mom. We have a history of very different taste, with her leaning towards the hippie and me leaning towards the Bloomingdale’s-y. Every now and then, a shoe or two might make be passed between us, but for the most part we steer clear of each others’ closets.

What about you?

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