Juicy Couture: it’s not just for the girls who were mean to you in 7th grade anymore! We checked out their Holiday preview yesterday, and the designer noted that this collection was intended to be more mature. And the bags do look more grown-up! But, as you can see, they’re still really, really sparkly.

We were happily watching this bag make little reflected rainbows on the wall when some girl some girl remarked “yeah, that’s cute now, but what about when you’re 65?” And we stared at her blankly, because when we’re 65 we plan to be one of those ladies who has bedazzled everything they own. Sometimes, people say crazy things, and you should just squint at the rainbows until they go away.

Because, really, here at TheGloss, we believe that sequins can be used to deflect bullets and confuse your enemies. But, to be fair, you’re not Tuck everlasting. There may be a day when you’re no longer interested in doing those things. Taking that into account, how old is too old for sequined accessories?

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