Kanye West is the type of man who will not be taken down by the critics. He will not be silenced, he will not be stopped and when he’s decided he’s done with this world, it will only be because he’s conquered it. It’s fun to be Kanye.

According to WWD, Kanye and his eponymous collection are returning to Paris Fashion Week for round two. The designer will be debuting his second collection on March 6th on the “sidelines of the official calendar established by the Chambre Syndicale, French fashion’s governing body, but the venue has yet to be confirmed.” So “sidelines” isn’t technically Fashion Week, but you have to give the man credit for trying again.

The last time he tried to impress with his take on fashion was last year when Vogue‘s Anna Wintour coolly replied, “Ask someone else,” when she was asked to comment on the collection. It takes real balls to step up to the plate again after getting a diss from Wintour.

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