With cheekbones like this, who needs other shit?

I’m sorry to phrase the headline like that, because obviously anyone can wear anything he or she wants (there are much worse things, after all). But a friend of mine recently started seeing someone and he seems really, really great. Then he showed up for a date wearing a necklace, which distracted her for much of their time together. It was a simple, inoffensive gold chain, but she had visions of Jersey Shore all night. And it’s getting pretty common:

Johnny Depp and Jared Leto, both commonly considered to be sexually viable

So, okay, setting aside any argument that this woman is shallow and image-obsessed, would a man-chain deter you, especially if he seemed great otherwise? (Why are you so shallow, also?)

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Obviously fashion rules are meant to be broken and it’s usually foolish to say, “[         ] will never work under any circumstances ever,” whether it’s fashion-related or not. But…

(Photos of necklace bros via StyleList, whose “men in necklaces” post partly inspired this)