mens red pants

Growing up, I always heard these called “Nanny reds” because you wear them when you’re in Nantucket.

Then I became an adult and realized that no one calls them that. That’s not actually their name. That was maybe one of those “what my family specifically calls these” things. Anyhow, it confuses people. People think you’re asking whether or not their nanny beat them, or if she was a communist or something,  so don’t go around calling them that.

What this is coming down to is every time I see a man in red pants I feel like calling out “hi, friend!” Or “you’re looking yar today!” Or “a weird joke about lobster rolls that sounds phallic!”

I can’t tell if this is actually a cool style or not, accordingly. Yes? No? Cool or not? On men. On women is a whole different topic. Please help me understand things .

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