Last week we covered what you guys thought was the most fashionable city in the world. We got a lot of shout-outs to New York, Paris, London and San Francisco — all those places that one just might equate with great fashion.

However, this morning I recalled reading an article not too long ago that listed Boston, Boulder (hello, hippies!), Cleveland, Seattle, Vancouver and Harajuku, Japan among some of the least fashionable cities in the world.

As one who was born and raised not far from Boston and with a sister who lives in Boulder so I’m there quite often, I can say that neither one of these place are on the up and up when it comes to style.

The Boulder kids are partial to wearing items of clothing so they can hike a mountain at any given moment. While Bostonians, and I’m not saying this in a negative way at all, are just not very metropolitan in the way they approach their style. As for Vancouver, the problem with them, apparently, is their affinity for wearing yoga pants everywhere. Maybe, like Boulder residents, they just want to be prepared in case they need to be able to drop into a downward facing dog whenever the mood hits.

So let’s play this game one more time and see what city you consider the least fashionable out there.

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