On Friday, actor Max Irons was all “I think New York is more stylish than London.” Having been to London for a hot minute (72 hours) I would agree, but I don’t feel comfortable in doing so. I’m sure I need more research.

But Max, being the son of Sinéad Cusack and some guy named Jeremy Irons — he’s an actor supposedly — may at least be a reasonable go-to on the matter because he was born in London, and being a fancy pants (actually his godmother is a travel agent), has traveled to NYC extensively.

Max didn’t cease at his one thought on the topic, but proceeded:

“I think a lot of people [in London] don’t give a shit about what they wear, but when you’re looking out the window of a taxi in New York, there are stylish people everywhere.”

As a New Yorker I agree on the latter half, but I’m biased, so my opinion on the topic is null and void. I also like to assume he saw me outside his taxi, so again… null and void.

Jeremy’s equally gorgeous offspring, but in a less refined way, continued to say:

“It’s only in the past four or five years I’ve started to get in touch with what New York’s really about. I like it, it feels quite like London,” he explains, “Everything’s bigger and faster here, it’s kind of overwhelming.”

Well then, there it is. Insight about fashion in NYC and London from a London native who has been coming here since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. Do you agree?

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