14 year old Fashion Blogger Tavi just hired her first publicist. Since Tavi spends time rocking out with Karl Lagerfeld, it’s not really that weird (because Karl Lagerfeld will get you into some crazy, non-drinking, non-drug-using, non-sexing robot circles).

And she has become a phenomenon. According to WWD:

Teen Vogue editor in chief Amy Astley even envies her touch. “Sometimes I say to my staff, ‘Wow, I had more fun reading the blog of this teenager than reading professional copy that we wrote.”

Wow, I bet the underpaid staff writers at Teen Vogue really love it when she says that. But the main point is that this takes us back to the days when we hired our first publicist, an event as important in a young girl’s life as her first kiss. When did you have your first?

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