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We’re barely past Halloween, and heading into Thanksgiving, which typically means one thing to retail stores:  holiday shopping.  Stores will soon be gearing up for Black Friday, and crazed shoppers will be waiting for Best Buy to open at midnight on Thanksgiving.  The Consumerist reports that only 8% of shoppers this year plan on getting their holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving, and 25% say that plan to get their shopping done on Black Friday.  46% of shoppers plan on having their gifts wrapped by the second week of December, and 72% of shoppers plan on having their shopping done by the third week of December.  Additionally, only 80% of shoppers plan on being done by December 23, so retail workers like Jillian have much to look forward to on Christmas Eve.

I plan on being done Christmas shopping by December 23.  When I was in college, I really only had time to shop after I got home for winter break, which was usually around December 15.  I’ve never been motivated to go shopping on Black Friday, because I hate shopping as it is, so I always try to buy as many of my presents online as possible.  We thought it would be interesting to see when our readers plan to shop, as compared to The Consumerist’s poll-takers, so:

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