Lots of us have debt. Lots of us, in fact, have lots of debt — a study released today showed that the number of women who have over $50,000 in debt has increased in the past two years.

Which made me wonder — where does it all go? I know that I’ve been guilty in the past of going to dinner when I really couldn’t afford it, but just slapping it on my credit card and figuring I’d pay it off later. When I first moved to LA I even had a few months where I put rent on my credit card (ah, the good old days!). And of course, we all remember that girl a few years ago who racked up $20,000 from a crazy spending habit and then got all up on The Today Show to get help paying it off (she now has a multi-book deal, a movie, and a blog, so is probably out of debt).

So am I alone? Where does your credit card debt come from?

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