When it comes to clothing, we all have our splurge items. Perhaps for you, it’s a $200 pair of jeans, or a $500 handbag, or a $900 pair of shoes.

As far as bras go, I’m not trying to spend $2 million or anything, but I do feel like the item that’s responsible for my breasts should be well-made, and offer the utmost in comfort and support. I’m trying to keep these suckers high for as long as possible, and I need a garment that shares that vision.

So for me, purchasing a 99 cent bra — an item that’s being widely reported as available in the British equivalent of the 99 cent store — is really a non-option. Maybe it would have been when I had just recently grown breasts and bras were simply ornamental, but now, no dice.

What about you?

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