When the Kardashian sisters arrived in New York earlier this week, they immediately began steppin’ out in their signature krazy kouture. Lesser Kardashian Khloe was snapped wearing a denim romper while walking around Times Square, and while I admire her bravery for going out so scantily clad during a time of transitional weather (it’s not that warm yet, guys) I’m feeling sort of negatively towards her choice of outfit.

It’s not that I hate rompers in general; on the contrary, I have a decent sized collection of them (don’t judge). But garments that make you look like a giant, redneck baby are best suited for playing kickball in the park (i.e. romping), not going to press events in sky high stilettos made of napkins. Then, when the sun sets or you have to attend a John Frieda event (whichever comes first), you change into your fancier romper, or maybe even real clothes. These are the romper rules; I didn’t make them. Then again, maybe I’m just jealous because Khloe’s rompers are imported from France cost a bajillion times more than mine. What do you think of the look?

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