Well, I don’t mean a smart skirt suit or a little tweed Chanel. I mean, would you rock something boxy, masculine, menswear-inspired… or straight-up, actual menswear?

Plenty of men hate wearing suits (as an office requirement, for example) so I’ve been asked by a number of male friends, “Why the hell would you wear a suit if you don’t have to?”

Lucky for us girls, a good lady’s pant suit can be a whole lot more than business attire. Worn the right way, they make a woman look confident, cool, comfortable with her femininity, and unafraid to wear something just a little tiny bit subversive.

That being said, it can be tricky to pull off. Frankly, it helps to be built like a boy (see Patti up there on the left). It also helps to balance the look with feminine touches elsewhere: soft make-up, voluminous hair, a pair of sexy heels, as Leighton Meester did recently.

Because of these challenges–not to mention the matter of finding a suit that fits well (which can be really expensive)–I’m asking you: would you wear a suit, or are they strictly guy territory?

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