Some people love social media. And by love I mean, they live and breathe it. They’d probably eat it if they could, but instead they just use it to talk about what they’re eating. Now, social media addicts may be able to wear their love for it too.

United Kingdom-based web designer Gerry McKay drafted these potential sneaker designs for Adidas in case the athletic footwear brand ever wanted to sign on for a limited edition collection. Although the sneakers aren’t for sale and are only samplings of what the project could look like, I wonder how many people – who don’t work for Facebook or Twitter – would actually wear them. The shoes look just like regular Adidas, but with Facebook and Twitter logos stamped on them. Maybe if you could personalize the shoes and get your Twitter handle printed on the tongue, you’d really geek it up.

Would you purchase shoes with your favorite social media application’s logo on it?

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