It was actually Sarah Jessica Parker who started re-introducing the rolled hem jeans look a year or so ago. Then Katie Holmes started walking around in New York City with the same look. Some people criticized her for bringing the look back but to her credit, it wasn’t her who did it first. Now what does this have to do with Men’s Fashion?

Well, Polo Ralph Lauren looks like it’s adapting the look and incorporating it on a few Men’s Fall Looks. Check them out below.




How do you like it? The polo shirts, sweaters, scarves, and newsboy caps are good. The jeans are good as well by itself I’m sure. The rolled hem would probably just depend on the guy, right? The style is not for everybody. It depends on your lifestyle, personality, and style. You can find each of these looks from Dillard’s with affordable price tags. None of the items cost more than $150.

(Images : Dillard’s)