Congratulations to Poppy Delevingne on her new marriage to James Cook! The bride walked down the aisle this morning in London, wearing a stunning custom Haute Couture Chanel gown designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself.

By her side was maid of honor and little sister Cara Delevingne, who pulled a Pippa Middleton by wearing a similarly white Chanel dress to match the bride. It’s rare to see Cara wearing anything that looks less than flawless on her, but this outfit is an especially perfect fit for her body and style. I feel guilty for being more into the bridesmaid dress than the actual bridal gown, but they both look unbelievably gorgeous.

The Wedding Of Poppy Delevingne And James Cook

Perhaps more fun than gawking at the dresses, though, is imagining what a Delevingne wedding must be like. Anyone who follows Cara on social media is certainly well acquainted with her wacky personality. Between the weird video clips that sound like torture porn, the endless photos of her licking various objects, and the adorably incoherent videos of her drunk with her A-list friends, it’s safe to say that spending time with the supermodel would be far from boring. In fact, I used to wonder how Poppy survived her little sibling’s antics. It wasn’t until the two of them made that crazy Christmas video together that I realized, oh. They’re both nuts. They’re both talented, top-tier beautiful, and completely nuts. Those are some interesting genes. I wonder how their larger-than-life personalities fit into the setting of a quiet white wedding?

Somehow, knowing how creative and unconventional the Delevingne sisters are just makes  it more astounding when they look like classy goddesses in designer gowns. I hope everyone involved had a great time, and I wish Poppy, James, and that beaded Chanel dress nothing but a life of happiness.

Photos: Pacific Coast News