I’m totally crazy for short wedding gowns. I know they aren’t traditional, but the truth is that short styles are generally more flattery on us everyday sized girls. Tall women look best in long dresses. Of course there are no hard and fast rules about these things, and heels help, but for the most part, the shorter the dress, the longer your legs look.

powdered sugar dress by sarah sevenThis gorgeous Powdered Sugar Dress by Sarah Seven is truly confectionary. The multiple layers of organza create frothy volume. The ballerina styling is both traditional and modern, and Sarah Seven will make it to your measurements, which means that the cups can be fitted to even the most minimally busted girls, a real rarity in the world of strapless gowns. And best of all, the price is more than reasonable for a custom fitted gown. Available for $375 from Sarah Seven.

Photo Credit: Sarah Seven