I’m going to confess something really shocking to you guys.

Bandai America

Bandai America

About fifteen years ago, when I was barely out of grade school…I had dirty dreams about Tommy the Green Power Ranger. And, yes, when he bacame the white ranger, I still sort of dug him, but he was less fun. Why? Because, well, much like my Angelus complex, I like bad boys. And I can’t kick it. Alas.

(Hey, who remembers that’s where Sarah Brown got her start? She played Heather, the home-wrecker.)

Anyway, Bandai America’s Power Up Video Challenge is a cool new contest that rewards kids for playing with their toys and could earn them up to $10,000 for a future college fund and other prizes.

What does my entirely inappropriate power ranger fantasy have to do with this? Well, in this challenge, kids ages 3-13 along with their parents are being challenged to view a Power Rangers “cliffhanger video” online featuring the Power Rangers toys and then submit their own unique ending in a mini-movie video or story-board at Bandai.com.

THEN, the winning video and/or story-board entries will receive $10,000 and $1,000 in cash prizes respectively. This goes on to December 15 – which by the way is the week of my birthday – but meanwhile, we’re going to give one ShopaholicsDaily.com reader a Power Rangers action figure bundle so that they can potentially be used in a submission video or as a fun holiday gift. The bundle will include fun stuff like a Deluxe Formula Megazord, a Racing Performance Cycle & Figure, and some Power Rangers action figures. Some child – or nutty adult woman – will love you!

(And yes, I’m totally scoring a green ranger. I promise not to use it for bad things.)

To have your chance to win, please choose any 2 ShopaholicsDaily posts from the past two weeks and leave a comment. Earn extra entries by RT-ing this contest – I’m @alywalansky on Twitter.

Thanks, and good luck! Deadline is November 24.