Here’s something Lady Gaga hasn’t thought of yet. In number of shoe designs in their fall/winter 2011 collection, Prada has taken the heel and inverted the shape. See how they did that? See how the heel is narrower on the top and thicker on the bottom?

Yes. Exactly.

So, how do you feel? Personally, I’m a fan. They have a sort of Alice in Wonderland type feel to them, without being obnoxious and so over-the-top that you’d have to emerge from an egg in order to pull them off. Because honestly, that’s just not realistic for most people. What are you going to do, show up at work, ride the elevator up in your egg, then roll yourself out onto your floor and come out of it? Then what if no one was looking? Would you get back in? Would you just carry on with your day? Would you have to cough quietly once you had made the first crack it in order to ensure an audience?

Ever think of these things, Gaga?

No. You didn’t.

Anyway, how do you feel about these shoes?