aria looking scaredAnother week, another adrenaline-packed episode of Pretty Little Liars! Last night’s episode was full to the brim with mystery, intrigue, dramatic facial expressions, and enough outlandish wardrobe changes to make us wonder if Rosewood, Pennsylvania is located inside one gigantic Forever 21. For the premiere episode of Season 5, we went through each and every costume and discussed how impractical they would be in real life— and you guys loved it enough for us to do it again. Without further ado, here are 10 outfits from Season 5 Episode 2, “Whirly Girly,” that wouldn’t make any sense IRL. (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT, in case you couldn’t tell.)

spencer's romper and emily's jersey1. Between Spencer’s army green romper and Emily’s cropped football jersey, it’s obvious that the Liars aren’t too concerned about playing the part of “distressed teenage girls whose friend just came back from the dead.” Not the most casual of clothing choices, ladies.aria's denim vest and cowboy boots2. Here we see Aria, wearing cowboy boots and a bedazzled denim vest, kicking back and relaxing post-murder. We’re meant to believe, in this scene, that she’s the most disturbed and emotionally unstable that she’s ever been. Maybe that explains the vest, but I’d personally look a little more disheveled if I’d just gun-punched someone to death.mona's collar3. No one’s ever accused Mona of dressing like a reasonable human being, but her dress is a little less “I’m going to re-kill my middle school bully” and a little more “I’m First Lady Laura Bush.”hanna's clubbing top4. You’ve been on the run for several days. You haven’t had time to shower. You’ve watched a girl die, you’ve watched your friend come to terms with having killed someone, and you’ve watched your hebephile English teacher get shot. What’s the first thing you do when you finally get home safe? Put on a clubbing top. And curl your hair.

hanna's beach sweatshirt5. Hanna apparently realized that her choice of clothing was silly, because minutes after we see her in the sexy burgundy top, we see her in this sweatshirt that looks like it came from a gift shop in Daytona Beach. But fear not! She’ll have another wardrobe change in 5… 4… 3…

hanna's harem pants

6. You’re right, Hanna. Before you go talk to your not-dead friend’s creepy dad, you should put on a sheer lace bodysuit, patterned harem pants, a leather jacket, and a chunky necklace. Good thing you changed!

aria's lion top

6. We saw this outfit last week, but this episode graciously gave us a closer look. What is that scarf, Aria? What is it? And how has it stayed in that perfectly effortless position through one and a half murders?jason's button down

7. You’re not my real dad! And I hate you! I hate you so much that I’m going to button my ugly flannel shirt up to the very top and force you to look at it!

toby's horrible haircut

9. Toby’s frumpy jacket and unbuttoned henley aren’t that newsworthy, since that’s basically the Toby uniform, but LOOK AT THAT HAIR. What did London do to you? Did you squeeze an entire bottle of gel on your head to distract us from the fact that it’s way too long? It’s NOT WORKING, TOBY.

aria's you're no good shirt

10. Whether or not you buy into the #AriaIsA theory (which you totally should, because it’s never boring), you can’t deny that this girl wears suspicious things to bed. You’re no good? That’s the graphic tee you choose to wear during your recovery from having-killed-someone-and-realizing-your-boyfriend-is-probs-evil? You’re no good at subtly, Big A.

Photos: Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family