pretty little liars season 5 episode 3

Nothing in this world compares to the pleasure of watching Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and Aria attempt to dress appropriately for a funeral— and because this is Pretty Little Liars we’re talking about, we’ve gotten lots of chances to watch them try. The third episode of Season 5, “Surfing the Aftershocks,” began with the funeral of Jessica DiLaurentis, and the fabulous five didn’t let us down in the wardrobe department. Without further ado, here’s a SPOILER-FILLED recap of 10 outfits from last night’s episode… that would look way out of place in real life.

hanna's funeral dress

1. Having worn something short, tight, and cleavagey to thousands of prior funerals, Hanna saw nothing wrong with sporting a sexy cocktail dress to the wake of her formerly dead friend’s currently dead mom.

pretty little liars before the jessica dilaurentis funeral

2. Not only does this screencap provide us with a view of Hanna’s wildly inappropriate lime green heels, but it lets us know that the other ladies are equally as clueless about what to wear to honor the dead.

alison wearing her mom's funeral dress

3. Never to be outdone by her groupies, Alison made the wise decision to bury her mom in the dress that her mom… buried… her… in.

the pretty little liars at school

4. I’m not sure if the Liars missed two months of school or if we’re meant to believe they’ve only been gone for a day and a half, but either way, I wouldn’t wear any of these outfits to make my first appearance back in the hallways of Rosewood High. Hanna looks like she’s on her way to a country club, Spencer looks like someone who doesn’t understand the function of belts, Emily’s outfit could probably get her past the bouncer in a nightclub line, and no one can begin to explain WTF Aria is doing, as per usual.

liars at school

5. Oh, okay. Aria’s just wearing a dress with both stripes and geometric shapes on it, a floral blazer with something bright green under the sleeves, a waistbelt bigger than her face, and a gigantic barbie-pink bangle. Seems reasonable.

spencer's shirt

6. I’ve been staring at this jacket for like ten minutes and I can’t wrap my head around the weird white splotch across the front. Where do you find these pieces, Spencer? And why do you always wear the weirdest thing in your closet when you need to confront your potentially murderous secret half-brother?

hanna and mona

7. The only requirements for being an It Girl in 2009’s Rosewood, Pennsylvania? Skirts with dramatic patterns, oversized accessories, windblown hair, and confidence. Work it, Mona.

hefty hanna

8. Hanna’s never been the most subtle of dressers, but this oddly shaped jacket isn’t the first thing I’d buy to comfort myself after watching my friend mourn her mother. Who buried her alive.

no longer hefty hanna

9. You can start to excuse the last outfit, though, when you remember that Hanna once wore her friend’s epauletted tank top weeks after her murder.

aria's skull shirt

10. But it wouldn’t be an episode of PLL if Aria didn’t wear something totally unexplainable. How would you overcome the crippling depression associated with your first murder? Skull shirt. How would you recover from your hebephile boyfriend’s gunshot wounds? Skull shirt. How would you show compassion for your friend’s buried-alive mother? Skull shirt.

Photos: ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars