pretty little liars season 5 episode 4

The fourth episode of Pretty Little Liars‘ fifth season was jam packed with everything we love about our favorite mystery show: dramatic music, evil dads, hastily dug-up graves, and leopard print leggings. We like to take a little time after each episode to reflect on the fashion choices made by Rosewood’s finest, and “Once You Know Something” was overflowing with brilliant style. Without further ado, here are ten outfits from last night’s episode that prove that Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily know exactly how to dress themselves post-murder. (Major spoilers ahead, as per usual!)

hanna's black lolights

1. God, I really hope these black lowlights and weird neck scarf are a sign that #HeftyHanna is about to transition into #HotTopicHanna. Rosewood needs more angst.

aria's glitter and hat

2. Nothing says “I’m grieving the criminal mastermind I sort of murdered” quite like a bowler hat. Nice choice, Aria. Keep up the good work.

mona's cat dress

3. Leading an underground task force for evil? Morphing into a clone of your worst enemy? Still paying bills to a horribly supervised mental illness center? Try pairing a leopard print tote bag with a kindergarten dress covered in cats.

spencer's bird shirt

4. Say what you will about Spencer, but she never lets those my-dad-might-have-murdered-somebody moments stop her from wearing tops with cute animals on them. I’m loving this exotic bird print.

alison's leopard sweats

5. It’s very appropriate that Alison is talking about how much she needs to buy a new wardrobe while she’s wearing these sweatpants. Get her that credit card, creepy dad. Stat.

spencer's wake shirt

6. I’m not trying to judge you, Spence, but maybe save your shirt with the word “WAKE” on it for a week when one of your best friends hasn’t been obsessively watching some chick’s open casket video.

aria's snake skin outfit

7. “How did you deal with your first manslaughter, Emily? So far I’ve just been buying as much snake skin clothing as possible.”

spencer's giraffe sweater

8. Because the birds weren’t quite enough, Spencer saved this giraffe sweater for the perfect maybe-my-dad-rat-poisoned-our-neighbor occasion.

aria's glittery sleeves

9. I agree, Aria. The snake skin alone was far too subtle and appropriate to wear on an excursion to your statutory boyf’s apartment. If someone’s been shot, you need to show your support with as many sequins as possible.

hanna's velvet croptop

10. If you’re trying to get your head back in the game of recreational shoplifting, a great place to start is with a crushed velvet crop top.

Photos: Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family