the good guys

From gossip to asphyxiation, incest to boy drama, Pretty Little Liars has everything you could ever want in a teen soap opera. Every Wednesday, we like to take a little bit of time to reflect on the most recent episode— and, of course, the ridiculous outfits that our heroines find time to assemble. Last night’s 100th episode, “Miss Me x 100,” was chock full of confusing fashion, so without further ado, here are the top ten most ludicrous outfits. [SPOILERS TO FOLLOW.]

spencer's overalls

1. We got off to a great start with this shot of Spencer’s art smock-cum-overalls. I mean, I get it. Every time my dad poisons his ex-girlfriend to make me look like less of a drug-addled murderer, I hit up OshKosh B’Gosh.

spencer's patriotic sweater

2. Despite this show’s best efforts to convince us that seasons don’t exist in Rosewood (I think we’re supposed to believe it’s, like, November? Still?), Spencer couldn’t hold back her desire to celebrate the Fourth of July. I’m loving the patriotic scarf.

alison's back to school outfit

3. We know Alison’s always had a flare for the dramatic, but this back-to-school outfit doesn’t exactly scream “don’t stare at me.” (Side note: is that supposed to be a knockoff Celine bag? Your dad just gave you his credit card, girl. You just got unkidnapped. Go big.)

aria dresses like a witch

4. You can always count on Aria to put together the perfect ensemble for harassing a blind girl in mourning. Metal rivets on a black maxi skirt, a chunky belt, some kind of witchy necklace. Very appropriate.

paige wearing a choker

5. Why so many chokers? What’s with the chokers? Stop trying to make chokers happen again, Paige.

caleb returns

6. Enter Caleb Rivers, the hunkiest ghost in all of failed-spinoff history. I don’t understand what’s going on with this jacket (shoulder pads?), but I really want to watch Hanna take it off.

emily's jersey

7. When there finally comes a chance to consummate your secret freshman romance, you want to be wearing an oversized jersey with palm leaves on it. Alison can’t resist a good oversized jersey with palm leaves on it.

alison's cat shirt and hanna's hangover chic

8. I can’t figure out exactly what Hanna’s t-shirt says– my best guess is “Farewell to our love,” which is approaching Aria levels of unsubtlety— but her hangover outfit is even better than Ali’s cat dress.

mona's pink dress

9. Say what you will about Mona, but she would never lead one of her enemies to the Creepy Murder Church without dressing to the nines. This pink patterned dress is the perfect wardrobe choice for a stalking session.

aria's naked back

10. And finally, the least appropriate outfit in PLL history: Aria’s naked back. It’d be awesome if this show could stop trying to convince me that statutory rape is hot. (Fun fact: my cat walked into the room right when this happened and promptly vomited on the floor. I’ve never been so proud.)

Photos: Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family