After spending Christmas with the royal family, Prince William and Kate Middleton decided to go visit Kate’s family in Berkshire, where they could let their hair down (read: get wasted) on New Year’s Eve away from the prying eyes of TV cameras. This meant partying in a £3,000 version of a kata, a tent traditionally used used by the nomadic Sami people of Lapland, which party planner extraordinaire Pippa had set up in Ma and Pa Middleton’s backyard. Someone well-versed in British culture, tell me: does it offend you, yeah?

Here’s what the inside of the “canvas palace” looked like:

This extraordinarily nice teepee contained mood lighting, a dance floor, and seating for 100 people.

And because there’s nothing better than coming home for a visit and playing with your parents’ animals, here’s a photo the paps managed to snap of Kate running around with her parents’ dogs earlier in the day (that small black blur is apparently a puppy):


(Via The Daily Mail)